Quality Custom Trailers and Attachments


North Lake Truck Repair carries the Versadump line of trailers from Midsota Manufacturing. Visit us and see the wide range of versatile dump trailers Midsota has to offer. We can also special order any Midsota trailer you may need. 


Midsota Versadump Trailer Midsota Manufacturing, Inc. has been manufacturing dump trailers for over 30 years. They offer a full line of commercial and off road dump trailers, skid loader trailers and an extensive line of skid loader attachments. They have many options to choose from on all dump trailers allowing you to customize your trailer to your exact needs. Their trailers and attachments are made for users who demand the very best in their equipment.


Every Midsota trailer is beadblasted and painted with a Polyurethane Primer and a Polyurethane topcoat with industry leading PPG Paints.

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